Weather/wave data buoy

Weather data monitoring is essential at sea.

Weather intensities and variations are not the same as they are on land, human activities can be affected

SEALINK’s data buoys are sentinels at sea, watching out days and nights, transmit informations for the safety of everyone at sea.

Waves can be measured for wave energy converters or port monitoring.

monitoring station

  • Wind direction
  • Wind intensity
  • Burst direction
  • Burst intensities
  • Barometric pressure
  • Rain intensity
  • Daily rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Temperature


Swell measurement

  • Hauteur significative Hs
  • Hauteur maximale Hmax
  • Période pic
  • Période moyenne
  • Direction pic
  • Direction moyenne
  • Spectres de houle



To know more about Sealink data buoys, technical informations, capabilities, or any commercial questions, feel free to contact us.