observation & alert tool in marine environment

Sealink’s aspirations

Provide remote alert systems at sea, self-sufficient in energy, that collects and sends data streams in real time, day and night.

Provide an enhancement tool for research and monitoring

Build a monitoring and conservation network dedicated to our marine environment

Our mission

Provide a monitoring tool that takes into account marine specificities, transmits weather and sea condition data such as wave, rain, wind intensities and directions, helps assess the water quality through physico-chemical parameters, or protect cetaceans with acoustic monitoring

An alert system that triggers warnings messages through SMS and emails when detecting a pollution, a security issue or an observation

An expertise based on multiple fields for monitoring :
Weather / Wave data | Water Quality data | Acoustic data

Technical specifications

Smart data buoys with 3G or satellite network. GPS positionning.

Lightweight data buoys makes deployments easier from a small boat and cheaper.

Easy and intuitive deployment without any expertise. An internet interface allows users to visualize data in real time, from any web browser.

Solar panel allows permanent energy.

Robust body made of marine aluminium

SEALINK sell or rent data buoys with a training day.

Our references

4 data buoys currently deployed at sea by the Nouvelle Route du Littoral on Réunion Island

1 data buoy deployed in Atlantic in France


To know more about Sealink data buoys, technical informations, capabilities, or any commercial questions, feel free to contact us.